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blacksmith on the Reehorst estate

In search of the spirit within the project.

the design process is a search for essence

Visually I can describe that in the following way: left and, right hand and the center in between, that what happens inwardly. These steps are not seperatable in time but can be seen as different lines within the process.
1. Left - In my left hand I take everything that I encounter: vision, wishes, program requirements, conversations, impressions, location.
2. Center - To grasp parts of the essence I contemplate. Drafts, sketch models, philosophies and thoughts emerge as well as the sense they bring with them.
3. Right - Than the right hand takes over and it becomes concrete. Things take shape, drawings appear, I work on models and the substantiation.
In this project I took two roads. First the way of sense, than the way of reason - when followed well, both should lead towards the same point. This results in the diagram where sense and reason meet (see below).
At the basis of my clients activities lay five givens. First of all the estate itself. In the corner of these grounds lies a place. At this spot pedagogy has found its domain. Here, handcraft is used to shape substantial formative experiences. The essence that lies at the basis of it all is the notion of the sanctuary.