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signs of Ågotnes

Between nature and industry.


The discovery of Norwegian North Sea oil not only defined the settlement patterns of the Western coastline, but also in case of Ågotnes, the industrial village on the northern part of the island of Sotra, has brought a unique living quality to the community and the existing network. The identity of Ågotnes as the meet point of skilled labour migrants and locals, relies on a balanced relation between the industry, nature and housing. However, the sequential development has led to some rather challenging conditions such as; sharp and dividing borders, segmented pathways, semi-inaccessible dead-ends, incompatible materials and etc.


This work and project focuses on overcoming the gated community and enhancing the living quality (whether temporary or permanent) by reconnecting nature to the settlement and bringing back its recreational context in the area. We look at nature as the common ground, smooth transition that can bring the industry and housing together.


Aside from connecting the existing walkways, rediscovering new routes, linking the stop points, transforming the dead-ends into desirable destinations, the project as an attempt to provide an accessible network of pathways, purposefully introduces the start and end point of each pathway based on the communal programs/nodes in the region and determines the route between them with an emphasis on the unique characteristics of each. In order to export this strategy, the elements of each pathway such as benches, signs, fire and water resources, etc… are designed as the symbol of reconnection; using the local material (wood, stone, etc…) and repurposing the industrial material.