office and assembly hall Amsterdam

Trichotomy, equality and community.


According to the philosopher Tetens, man is a trichotomy of understanding, feeling and will. Or: head, heart and hands. For humans to function well, all three parts need to be acknowledged in some form. In this program head and hands are clearly represented by the offices and the assembly hall.
The busy and green distribution space in the centre, provides the building with a strong and lively heartbeat.


White collar versus blue collar. Traditionally industrial buildings mirror the company's social hierarchy. The manager's office having the highest standard. And the collective offices being of better quality than the assembly hall.
In this program the objective is to level out this pyramidical structure through architectural design. The most visible outcome is that the building components look identical and the same materials are used everywhere so an uniform look is achieved.


To encourage connection and communication, the office and assembly hall walls alongside the courtyard are made of glass. This transparency gives all employees a clear view on the hustle and bustle of the total workplace. Trucks delivering parts, ready products leaving the assembly hall.
The company's collective goal visible for everyone at all times.